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How Pakistan Can Qualify For Semi-Final in World Cup 2019

After the lost first match of World Cup 2019, Pakistan against West Indies, Pakistan strongly came back in England match. Pakistan beat England in his home ground with 40 runs and England is hot favour team in this world cup so far. But after the England match, Pakistan lost two consecutive matches against Australia and India which reduces chances to qualify for semi-final But we are still hoping to get to the semi-finals, aren’t we? Yes, we can still qualify for the semi-final by these following Conditions. 

How Pakistan Can Qualify For Semi-Final in World Cup 2019

Now Point Table of World Cup 2019

We are now at 9 number but don't worry ("We Have We Win"). We can also qualify for the semi-final.

How Pakistan Qualify for World Cup 2019 Semi Final

There are four conditions by Pakistan can qualify for Semi-Final World Cup 2019

New Zealand Depend Condition

While It would be suitable for Pakistan if  South Africa would have beaten New Zealand but Kane Williamson changed this condition and made victory for his Country which made difficulty for Pakistan's route to the Knockout stages but it is still quite possible.

Now New Zealand has 9 points at point Table and four matches are remaining which could qualify Pakistan.

New Zealand will face these four team in next matches

West Indies, Pakistan , Australia, And England.

If New Zealand will lose his next four matches and Pakistan won all match then Pakistan will qualify for knockout Stage.

If New Zealand win anyone match then Pakistan won all matches then the fourth team will qualify on Net Runs Rate.

England Depend Condition

Pakistan’s position is also depending on England remaining matches because now England has 8 points and they have to play four matches against India, Sri Lanka, Australia and New Zealand which will be tough matches for England. 

If England loses his three matches out of fours matches against  Australia, India, Sri-Lanka, and New Zealand. And Pakistan wins their remaining all fixtures then England will out from this World Cup. And Pakistan will qualify for Semi-Final without any problem. 

Australia Depend Condition

While Australia is playing incredibly in this whole event and they also defeated Pakistan as well, they are now top at point table. But they could now qualify for Knockout Stage if this condition is applied.

Australia loses his last three matches against England, New Zealand, South Africa. Pakistan must have to win their remaining matches then Australia world cup journey will be ended. But most horrible things is that Australia has to play with South Africa who is not in good form in this world cup so far and they are already out of this event. But Nothing is impossible if Aussie's lost their last three matches then Pakistan will directly qualify.

India Depend Condition: 

The Indian cricket team is rocking in World Cup 2019 and did not lose a single match yet. But if India loses his matches then chances of Pakistan will bright.
If India loses at least four of their remaining five matches against Afghanistan, West Indies, England, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka, then Pakistan wins all remaining matches. India will be not qualified for Knockout matches. But In this scenario, India is a strong team and they have to play against the weak team of this event like West Indies, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, so it would be a difficult condition for Pakistan.

If India loses three matches out of 5 and Pakistan go on a hot streak, then qualification for the semi-final will decide on Net Run Rate.

These are the only condition by which Pakistan Can Qualify for Semi-Final in World Cup 2019. So Keep Praying and Support our Pakistan team. 

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